About Us

We make our clients better by delivery fast and reliable service solution

We Create Value for Services

Ezylinkage Global Ventures is a Nigeria base establish company for over the years. Which was established in 2010, We have come service our clients with honesty and integrity to fill in the gap of fraudulence way of business all over the globe, the company was set up to help people who are home and abroad in Nigeria to access the International Driving Permit, Nigeria Police Clearance Certificate, Certificate Attestation, Foreign Affairs Notarization, Change of Name and Travels from anywhere at any time.

We come with honesty and Integrity to make our clients enjoyed and bring our services to the doorstep of our service users


Fast Response

Our Customer Care are very swift in responding to messages and calls

Easy Application

Forms are always available online for easy and fast registrations for any of our services

Fast Processing

Our processing and mode of work are very fast, most of our services can be done within the next 72hours or less

Swift Delivery

Most of our services are delivered within 24 hours or less after processing


1. We help our clients to bring the services to their doorstep.
2. We ensure our client’s application forms are well filled and label
3. We help to ensure all documents and processes are well organize and follow due process
4. We help ensure all forms and documentation are delivered at the said time either at home or abroad.
5. We ensure all payments are been made after due process and delivery.
6. We ensure our clients are happy with the services we render for them.

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